Enough with the Nazis- time for a beer?

Postcom notes that APWU President Bill Burrus didn't tell his members how many of their jobs would be lost should the USPS implement an exigent rate hike. The item goes on to remind readers (correctly) that Burrus once referred to mailers as "vermin", in a 2006 article entitled "Our Struggle". Postcom not so subtly points out the title's similarity to Hitler's "Mein Kampf"- "My Struggle".

We've been critical of Burrus in the past for his vilification of mailers, but to his credit, he doesn't appear to have taken the bait this time around. Last time we checked, Del Polito and Burrus both represented groups that rely on the USPS for their economic survival. It would be nice if they could put aside their differences for now, and concentrate on what they agree on.

Anyone want to order up a couple beers? Comment

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