USPS October Financials

'Year-to-date (YTD), Total Revenue is $198 million or 3.2% under plan. YTD Total Revenue is $110 million less than last year.
Total Mail Volume is 3.5% or 682 million pieces below SPLY. The most significant mail volume decrease below SPLY for FY 2006 YTD is in the lower revenue-per-piece Standard Mail category which decreased 458 million pieces or 4.5%. YTD, First-Class Mail volume is 3.5% less than SPLY, generating $118 million or 3.9% less revenue than SPLY.
Total workhours for October, 2005 YTD are 0.4 million hours or 0.3% below SPLY. To date, Mail Processing and City Delivery Services workhours combined have been reduced 0.8 million hours below SPLY.'
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