USPS releases June and July Financials

'Total Mail Volume for July, FY 2005 was 227 million pieces or 1.4% under SPLY. First-Class Mail volume declined by 394 million pieces or 5.0%. Standard Mail volumes, at 164 million pieces or 2.2% over SPLY, continue to be positive primarily because of the increasing strength of direct marketing channels. Additionally, Periodicals were 13 million or 1.8% over SPLY.

'Year-to-date, Total Mail Volume is 2.6% or 4.5 billion pieces over SPLY. Over 2.4 billion of the 4.5 billion pieces increase occurred in November 2004. The most significant mail volume increase over SPLY for YTD is in the lower revenue-per-piece Standard Mail category, which increased 4.5 billion pieces or 5.7%. YTD, First-Class Mail volume is 0.1% less than SPLY generating $391 million or 1.3% less revenue than SPLY.' Comment

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