What the election results mean for Postmasters

"This flexing of regional electoral power was key for Republicans and included a strong message for Postmasters. The red areas, those counties that decided the election, are postal reliant. NAPUS will remind our elected leaders about the importance of guaranteeing universal mail services to rural America. Voters and businesses that send or receive mail in these areas have little choice other than the USPS."

"On the day that President Bush declared victory, he made two 'recess appointments' to the Postal Board of Governors. As anticipated, the President appointed Carolyn Gallagher and Louis Guilano. The two new Board members would serve for one year, pending Senate confirmation for a full term. Governor Jim Miller is approaching the one-year anniversary of his recess appointment, which means that he will be off the Board unless the President renominates him and the Senate confirms him."

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